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You might recognize this amazing photo from past newsletters. It was taken at daybreak on top of Mount Sonder during the Team Lifehouse Larapinta Trek in May 2018.

The man behind the green and orange jersey is Associate Professor Chris Milross, director of radiation oncology at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. A keen trekker, A/Prof Milross and 16 others took on the five-day walk, crossing dry river beds, hiking endless bush tracks and skirting along rocky escarpments to raise a massive $123,000 for our sarcoma patients.

Chris sees his patients facing tough challenges every day. By taking on his own personal challenge, he forges a deeper connection with those patients.

“Our patients often embark on a long journey. The breathtaking, heart-pounding shock of the first ascent, the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs along the way. Incredulity at the realisation that beyond this hill there is another – maybe even steeper and higher. Success must be driven by a strong sense of hope.”

In April 2020, Chris will be challenging himself once more, along with Gail O’Brien AO and her daughter Juliette, nurse practitioner Keith Cox and a group of patients and staff on a nine-day trek of the Great Wall of China.

To join Chris and the team on this once-in-a-lifetime experience and raise vital funds for people with cancer, contact Sara Walker at sara.walker@lh.org.au or 02 8514 0300.

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