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At Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, bladder and prostate cancer patients can access surgery, robotic surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, brachytherapy and clinical trials.

As they strive to deliver the best urological, bladder and prostate cancer treatment, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse’s specialists work in dedicated team of surgeons, physicians, nurses and allied health workers to provide tailored treatment.

Using the latest technology, their work is underpinned by a busy research programme carried out by the doctors who treat our urological cancer patients, so that their work feeds directly back into improving patient treatment.

Rapid Access Prostate Cancer Assessment Service

The Rapid Access Prostate Cancer Assessment Service based at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a streamlined cancer screening service. This service minimises harmful waiting times and test related anxiety by delivering diagnostic procedures within one to two weeks of referral.

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Patient Information

If you would like to undertake your cancer treatment with us, you will first need to become a patient of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. To do this, your GP or specialist will need to refer you to see one of our Lifehouse specialists.


The referral process is easy:

Your GP or specialist will submit your referral directly to Lifehouse.


If you wish to participate in a clinical trial, speak with your treating oncologist or GP to see if there are current trials you may be suitable for.

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In NSW alone, someone is diagnosed with cancer every 13 minutes. Every dollar you contribute to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse will make a difference to the 57,000 patients who visit us each year.

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