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In last year’s August edition of Open House we shared the story of Central Coast family Dale, Doone and their young son Jai. Jai was just five weeks old when Dale had a seizure early one morning. In hospital, Dale was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, meaning long stays in Sydney away from home. We checked back in with Doone to see how they were getting on.

How are you and the family?

We are all going well. Jai is loving pre-kindy although he comes home with his pockets full of rocks and gravel from the nature walks they go on each morning.  Maybe we’ve got a future geologist in the house! Dale is well and staying very positive. We are slowly moving forward with our lives in a positive direction.

We’re thrilled to let you know that we opened our neurosurgery department at Lifehouse last year.

That’s fantastic news, this is a strong testament to the power that is created when individuals come together for a common cause. Many lives will be positively impacted by this development.

We feel that our experience would have been eased if Dale had been able to access neurosurgery at Lifehouse. The people at Lifehouse are part of our extended family and the atmosphere contributes to less stress and therefore a more positive experience and outcome. And having facilities and equipment in one establishment would have made a vast difference to us.

What would you say to patients who are facing surgery for brain tumours?

Stay positive, take each moment as it comes, you cannot deal with any more than the moment in front of you.  Keep an open mind and an open heart. It’s possible that you may not return to the ‘normal’ life that you had – you will have a new normal that may take some time to adjust to. Be gentle with yourself.

Find out more about Neurosurgery here.

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