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14 March 2016

In January we officially opened Chris O’Brien Lifehouse’s massive new cryotanks in a significant step for the hospital’s cancer research programme.

The cryotanks will be used to store tissue, blood and plasma specimens at minus 190 degrees, and build up a biobank of rare tumour types for future research.

At the opening, Research Director Clinical Associate Professor Lisa Horvath said the facility would assist with clinical trials, including researchers to determine whether medication will work in particular patients.

“If 700 people take a drug but only half of them respond, we can go back and look at samples of their tumours and look for the patterns. We can find out what might be driving whether a medication works or not.”

The commissioning and operation of the new cryotank facility was made possible by the generous support of Lucy McGrath in memory of her late husband Robert McGrath, as well as an anonymous donor.

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