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Men could speak of what they endured…Their animals could not.

The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson AO, Australian War Memorial Director

Today is a special day to honour and remember the men and women who have serviced and died in war and service. As we pay tribute to our fallen soldiers, this year we are also turning our minds to the animals that served alongside them.

While many are familiar with the red poppies commemorating those who perished in World Wars I and II, less is known about the purple poppy.

Worn alongside the traditional red poppy, the purple poppy honours the deeds and sacrifices of the hundreds of thousands of animals that have served in conflict in every conceivable way from messengers to mascots.

Australian War Memorial Director Brendan Nelson said, “animals, so loyal and trusting stimulate the imaginative capacity within us to see the world and its conflicts through the eyes of others”.

It is in this imaginative capacity that Arterie Open Studio and Carterie will be doing a special project to mark the centenary of the 1918 Armistice this ANZAC Day. This collaborative project invites all members of the Lifehouse community to crochet purple poppies that will be sent to the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation as part of their Purple Poppies Project and ANZAC and Remembrance Days commemorations.

The medals in the photo below were awarded to the father of one of our staff members for his service in World War II.

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