Concession parking rates available for cancer patients | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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Patients and their carers may be able to access concessional parking rates when visitng Chris O’Brien LIfehouse. NSW Health has introduced reduced rates in certain circumstances. This includes patients with ongoing cancer treatment.


These rates apply to King George V Car Park and are:

0-3 hours – Free

1 single visit – $5.40

3 day access card – $10.90

7 day access card – $21.70

You can check your eligibility here.

To access this offer, you will need to download this form and get a Lifehouse clinical staff member to complete it. After this, take the form to the security office just inside the main entrance at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on Missenden Road to have the parking validated.

King George V Carpark is accessed via Susan Street which is off Missenden Road.

These new rates will result in signifcant savings for patients and their carers, removing a small stress from the bundle of issues they need to contend with.

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