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When senior Channel 10 reporter Antoinette Lattouf received an email from a concerned viewer, she was hesitant to open it. All too familiar with online trolls and hate messages, she knows viewers don’t always have her best interests at heart. Her storied career has seen her win multiple awards for her work as a reporter, presenter, producer and columnist for some of Australia’s largest news organisations. But this message was very different, and serious.

Eagle-eyed viewer Wendy McCoy was watching Studio 10 when she noticed a lump on Antoinette’s thyroid. Concerned for her health, she got it touch to suggest Antoinette get the lump checked. As fate would have it, Antoinette’s health would now become the story. Thanks to Wendy’s vigilance, Antoinette was booked in for surgery at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. We’re happy to hear that she is recovering well and has become an ambassador for the Australian Thyroid Foundation.

Her story went viral and resonated with millions of people, for good reason. 1 in 10 Australians will suffer from a thyroid disease in their lifetime, and 7 of those will be women. If you’re concerned about your own thyroid health, speak to your GP.

You can watch the full story below:

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