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The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse model of care is unique in Australia – we are a comprehensive cancer centre that offers every type of treatment and service a person with cancer needs – surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, research, clinical trials, complementary therapies and supportive care – all in a state-of-the art facility.

Today, as we see evidence of improved patient outcomes and practice-changing research, the benefits of that model of care are starting to become clear.

Comprehensive cancer centres deliver better outcomes

Comprehensive cancer centres are internationally proven to be facilities that generate better patient outcomes and more research breakthroughs.

Statistics from Cancer Institute NSW show that our patients have a greater chance of survival at 90 days than the New South Wales average. Many factors contribute to this – a concentration of expertise, a multidisciplinary team approach, access to specialist nurses and supportive care, and the fact that research is carried out by the same clinicians who treat our patients, eliminating the gap between the lab and the clinic altogether.

According to data from Cancer Institute NSW*, our patients report:

  • Lower symptom scores across most common symptoms of cancer and its treatment
  • Higher rating of care – Including level of care received, information given and lack of emergency re-admission
  • Better than NSW average survival outcomes – across a range of cancers including ovarian, colon, rectal, liver, kidney, pancreatic, lung, breast and complex head and neck

Changing the face of cancer

Chris O’Brien’s original vision was to change the face of cancer by revolutionising patient treatment and care. We have delivered on this vision by developing a centre of excellence for holistic cancer treatment that puts the patient at the centre of everything we do.

In a recent performance report by Cancer NSW, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse patients reported:

See the latest statistics on cancer control from Cancer Institute NSW in the Reporting for Better Outcomes statewide report.

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