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“It’s happened to my mum and my cousin – cancer’s not somebody else’s problem, it’s normal.”

Tim Jones is a Sydney-based photographer who very generously donated his talent and his time for the “Community of Hope” photo exhibition at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Tim’s passion for photography came from an early age. Having grown up borrowing his father’s camera to take shots, this childhood passion has resulted in Tim working with photography as a medium for the last twenty years. He pursued his keen interest at Westminster University in London where he studied photographic and visual arts before moving to Australia. For the last seven years, Tim has been working under his own photography label in Sydney, sharing his time between advertising jobs and his own projects.

Like many in our Community of Hope, Tim has a very personal connection with cancer. Tim’s mother had been sick for about eight years before she sadly passed away from cancer in early 2019. While taking care of her, Tim became acutely aware of the wide community involved in comprehensive cancer care. It is in memory of his mother that Tim decided to be a part of this project at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. “We’re doing this series to capture the unsung heroes – the carers, the nurses, the doctors and surgeons, the community and the friends that drop-in cottage pies to help.”

For three days, Tim and his team set up a music-filled, make-shift photography studio on Level 7 of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Between the white backdrop and Tim’s lens, an array of patients, doctors, nurses, volunteers and other supporters, all sat at the mercy of Tim’s camera and enthusiasm as he took their portraits. Tim’s passion in capturing the perfect, candid moment on camera was brought to life. “I really like the sentiment of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse because I think it’s really key. Cancer, unfortunately, is normal and involves everyone. It’s not somebody else’s problem”.

With the range of patients, clinicians and supporters captured in this exhibition, these portraits encapsulate the community of hope that is seen at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse every single day.

You can join Tim and our inspiring community of supporters, contact Sara Walker at sara.walker@lh.org.au to learn more.

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