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“This whole experience at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has just made us realise how lucky we really are. It’s made us want to give something back, and still does.”

Rex Horne and his wife Annette had their first encounter with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse when Rex was diagnosed with a secondary cancer in his lymph node during Easter, 2018. After being referred by his GP, Rex quickly came into contact with Professor Jonathan Clark, surgeon and Director of Research in Head and Neck cancer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Having been told that surgery would be the best option for his cancer type, Rex and Annette were immediately put at ease by Professor Clark. “We were sitting in this room and I was so nervous, but he spent 45 minutes going through the whole thing. He told me everything he expected to happen and how I would feel. He makes you feel so confident. He’s a very special man,” says Rex. “It’s so important for patients and their families to understand what’s happened and what the next steps are. Just having that sense of understanding really helps them confront their diagnosis head on with a sense of control,” says Professor Clark.  With the operation a success, and Rex now only returning for check-ups, the Hornes show their support and appreciation to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse by donating each month to Professor Clark’s research into young people with oral cancer.

It wasn’t just Professor Clark’s care that made Rex and Annette want to give back to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. “All the staff were unbelievable. They made us feel so comfortable, so it made Chris O’Brien Lifehouse feel like a home for the ten days that Rex was here,” says Annette. “We just wanted to give something back because we’re so appreciative.”

Along with their generous donation each month, Rex and Annette have also held a community fundraising event and donated all of the funds to help with Professor Clark’s research in head and neck cancers.

You can join Rex and Annette and learn more about how you can make an impact every month by contacting Kate Overton-Clarke at kate.overton-clarke@lh.org.au.

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