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Jean-Claude and Neil have both been avid supporters of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse from when it was just an idea, to now, five years on. “Having heard of Chris O’Brien’s life, seeing this building being built, we thought that, as part of our retirement, we’d like to be able to give something back,” says Jean-Claude. As Neil and Jean-Claude started to think about the future, they both decided to leave a gift to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in their Wills.

“We really liked the ethos of it and the idea of a holistic cancer centre. Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a great organisation and we knew it would put the money to good use because we can already see such good things,” says Neil, “We’ve also chosen not to wait and made a donation last year dedicated to research. Sometimes you’d like to experience some of the benefits of your donation rather than waiting until you go.”

Dr Kim Kaufman, head of brain cancer research, says,

“Supporters like Jean-Claude and Neil help to drive research that can make paradigm shifting changes in the way patients are managed, and ultimately improved outcomes.”

Both Neil and Jean-Claude are also volunteers at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Initially, Jean-Claude’s French skills proved essential for many patients who struggled due to a language barrier, “We had patients at the time who were coming from outlying French speaking islands in the Pacific and were quite lost after their treatment, so I helped.” Not long after, the Country Club was established, a program that invites patients from rural and regional areas to meet each other, share stories and seek advice. Jean-Claude still works with the volunteer manager on this program.

With a background in advertising, Neil has generously volunteered his time and skills with our communications department. “It’s a wonderful place. Gail O’Brien is amazing. You see it in the faces of the people who are treated here, and you read about it,” says Neil.

We are incredibly appreciative of the support that we receive from people like Neil and Jean-Claude. Through their support, they help us bring hope to people living with cancer.

You can join Jean-Claude and Neil and learn more about supporting Lifehouse by contacting Goldia Shum at goldia.shum@lh.org.au

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