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Jude Butcher was treated for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by A/Prof Chris Milross at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Dr Emma Verner at Concord Hospital.

Prof Br Jude Butcher cfc AM deeply appreciates the collaborative care and treatment he experienced, saying, “When I meet with Chris, or when I meet with Emma, I know that I am meeting with both of them … I’m meeting the two of them together. They bring their different lenses and capacities together into a new whole.”

Jude said Chris and Emma’s regular joint meetings about his health show a shared and deep commitment to the ‘collaborative healing’ of his cancer and enhancing his health and wellbeing.

Reflecting upon the collaborative healing he experienced, Jude emphasised that it incorporates a genuine and deep collaboration.

‘The focus and commitment of collaborative healing are holistic (mind, body and spirit) and promote and build upon life and hope.

Collaborative healing incorporates a genuine and deep collaboration between the patient and the doctors, health units and hospitals involved.

This collaboration is life focussed, hope-inspired and characterised by a deep mutuality and inherent reciprocity between all involved.

Collaborative healing provides a sound holistic basis for health professionals to speak with one voice which is welcomed by the patients and evidenced in their confidence in, and focus upon, life and hope.’

Prof Br Jude Butcher was a member of staff of the Australian Catholic University and its predecessor college for 44 years, during which time he held leadership roles in education and community engagement.

Jude Butcher describes his experience at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Concord Hospital as ‘collaborative healing’.

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