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Researchers and surgeons from our head and neck service attended the 69h International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer in Seattle this week. This year, Dr Mark Shrime from Harvard Medical School gave the Chris O’Brien lecture. His lecture was entitled, “The right to look human: head and neck surgery in the developing world”. There are 5 billion people worldwide without access to surgery.

Professor O’Brien is the only non-American surgeon to be honoured with a named lecture. This conference is the largest head and neck cancer conference in the world. There were 1,800 registrants and 1,500 abstracts submitted.

Podium Presentations were given by Lifehouse surgeons Assoc Prof Carsten Palme, Dr Bruce Ashford and Assoc Prof Jonathan Clark. Presentations were also made by Merran Findlay (Dietician) and Dr Joe Jabour (PhD Candidate Usyd). Dr Mo Mo Tin and Dr Kerwin Shannon from Lifehouse also attended the conference.


Congratulations also to Dr Edward Roper, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital pathology registrar Sydney Local Health District, who won first prize in the poster section for his poster titled “PD-L1 in high risk cutaneous SCC of the head and neck”.

Assoc Prof Ruta Gupta, Department of Tissue Pathology, RPA, was the senior author, with Chris O`Brien Lifehouse surgeons and oncologists Assoc Prof Carsten Palme, Assoc Prof Sydney Ch’ng and Prof Michael Boyer as co-authors. All are also affiliated with the University of Sydney

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