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You may remember meeting Eleni last year when she shared her story with us just before Christmas. Eleni has been a part of the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse community since her diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the thymus in early 2016. A bump she discovered on her neck led to a worrying diagnosis. Not long after, she was launched into chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. Through all of this, Eleni and her husband David were caring for their two-month old baby, Charlotte.

It was a two-hour journey for Eleni every day to get to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Despite this, she was incredibly grateful for the staff and clinicians who helped her through such a difficult time. “Everyone was very friendly. Even though they know you’re there for a horrible thing, they always managed to put a smile on my face.” She found comfort in reflexology sessions in the Lifehouse LivingRoom, where she went every Wednesday. When the cancer spread to Eleni’s brain, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse was able to use equipment for her surgery purchased thanks to donations made by our supporters.

Since joining the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse community, Eleni has gone above and beyond in raising funds for others in her position. By jumping out of an airplane twice, Eleni has been able to raise a whopping $12,500. For Eleni, this fundraising was about more than just raising money, “I also did it for myself. Throughout treatment I always said this is just a hiccup in the road. Jumping out of a plane was my way of proving to myself that I could still do anything.”

Eleni has hit the ground running post treatment and is back at work on a part-time basis. She is also a zombie extra in the recent 2019 flick Little Monsters, an experience her daughter is very excited about. She still visits Chris O’Brien Lifehouse for regular check-ups, finding comfort in the fact that, “Because of the people and facilities, I feel like it is a second home. Certainly not what I had in mind, but I am lucky to have it.”

Eleni shares,

“ We’re so grateful for all your
kind messages and donations,
thank you!”

We wish all the best for Eleni and her family. We would also like to thank you, our donors, for the generous contributions you make that are helping people just like Eleni every day.

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