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For National Volunteer Week we wish to acknowledge the generous contributions of all the volunteers here at Lifehouse.

Volunteers have an integral part of the Lifehouse team since the day we opened in 2013. We couldn’t be more grateful for the support and assistance they give our patients and their families and our staff.

Our vibrant family of volunteers helps out in so many ways: by delivering refreshments, driving patients to and from the centre, performing guided relaxation, delivery of the Arterie art program, bringing soothing relief by singing and playing music, providing administrative support, running our Country Club, the CanRevive organisation giving support to Chinese speaking patients, consumer representation and donating their skills in the areas of information technology, marketing, public relations, hotel services, education and many others.

Gail O’Brien has shared some encouraging words for this week’s celebration, “National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to show our deep gratitude and acknowledge not only what they all bring as individuals but what they add to the collective of the organisation. One part of the hospital does not exist without another.”

We spoke to volunteers Lauren Gilchrist and Bronwyn Maclean to gain some insight into their experiences as volunteers here at Lifehouse.

Juggling work and university studies, Lauren manages to fit her volunteer work at Lifehouse into her schedule. Spending her time between helping in our clinics or providing refreshments for patients in Day Therapy, Lauren is more than happy to help. “It’s so nice to work with other volunteers. Everyone in Lifehouse appreciates our work. Sometimes, I don’t really think of it as volunteering.”

Working on the same shift is Bronwyn, a volunteer in her fifth year who started at Lifehouse when it opened. Bronwyn says, “I watched the building go up, Lifehouse is part of my community and so I just wanted to be involved.” When asked what she gets out of it, she says, “It involves working with people, which is something I love”.

When asked about the sense of community built up through volunteering, Bronwyn and Lauren are appreciative of their experiences. “It’s a really pleasant place to volunteer. It has been, and it continues to be a very rewarding experience for us.”

Both women are eager to encourage others to join in the volunteer work, both immediately saying “Do it” without any hesitation.

The presence of volunteers at Lifehouse has and continues to be a significant part of Lifehouse. “The whole hospital is built on the generosity of people who have donated their time, from the Board level right through the organisation. We wouldn’t exist without that generosity of spirit and the incredible diversity of skills these people have brought,” Gail O’Brien expressed. “They bring their passion to the organisation and are not doing it to be recognised themselves. This selfless gift is humanity at its best and serves our whole community well.”

Lorainne Brecard, Manager of Volunteer Services says, “Our Volunteer Services department is made up of people from all walks of life and experiences. They choose to give their time to benefit others and make a significant impact on the experience of everybody who walks through our door. They come with a positive and friendly attitude and the willingness to do whatever they can to support the work carried out here at Lifehouse. “

“They’re the greatest bunch of people you are likely to meet. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of them for the difference they make. You’ll see them in their blue and white checked shirts throughout the facility – if you see them this week please thank them for all they do!”

Find out more about how to volunteer at Lifehouse here.

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