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If you’ve got a special occasion coming up – a wedding, birthday or anniversary – why not ask friends and family to make a donation to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in place of a gift to you.

There are several ways you can celebrate a special occasion in support of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse:

  • The easiest way to request donations for your special occasion is to set up your own online fundraising page. You can use emails, social media or word of mouth to ask your friends and family make a donation to your chosen cause. Click below on the occasion you are celebrating and create your online profile.
  • Let us know when your special day is and we can send you donation forms or envelopes especially for your big day – these can be left on tables or sent out with the invitations. We can send a thank you to anyone who has kindly donated in lieu of gifts for your special occasion – just let us know who by contacting us on 02 8514 0006 or email us at After your event, we’ll let you know how much has been raised from your special occasion.
  • Make a donation as a gift to someone special. We will send a tax receipt to you and if you would like a card to give to the person who is celebrating just let us know when you donate. Please add the person’s name and what they are celebrating so we can personalise the card.

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