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We are so excited to introduce our inaugural Carterist in Residence – Amy Cutler.

Amy has an extremely varied skill set and background. Amy grew up in the Blue Mountains in Katoomba, and now lives in Camperdown. She possesses a Diploma of Fine Arts, an Advanced Diploma in Library Information Services and an Advanced Diploma in Illustration and Design.

As our first ever Carterist in Residence, Amy will use her skill in detailed ink drawings to create a series of drawings with watercolour paper and ink pens. Each month, she will move to different locations around the hospital and work on a new set of drawings, each with a different theme.

“I can’t keep my hands still and am always doing something – from sewing to drawing to carpentry.”

Amy sings in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir and is a huge film and music buff. Amy also lives with a disability, and says that it enables her to be incredibly empathetic towards patients who are unwell. “I was looking for something to connect with the community to help people. My dad taught me to not be afraid to try new things, so that’s what I do.”

The initial drawings will be of sweets, shoes, vegetables and wheels. If you have any suggestions for more themes or other ideas for the ongoing project, please feel free to share them with Amy.

“Bring your humanity to your art. Bring your art to humanity.” – Maxime Lagace.

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