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Cancer patient Robert Newton’s hope was rewarded, for a time, as a clinical trial extended his life and gave him more time with his family.

Sadly, following the recording of this film, he passed away. We remember his generous spirit and the way that, even to the end, he was helping others and contributing to science by participating in this trial.

Clinical trials are essential to the development of new interventions. For example, without clinical trials, we cannot properly determine whether new medicines developed in the laboratory or by using animal models are effective or safe, or whether a diagnostic test works properly in a clinical setting. This is because computer simulation and animal testing can only tell us so much about how a new treatment might work and are no substitute for testing in a living human body.

Most modern medical interventions are a direct result of clinical research. New interventions for most diseases and conditions — including cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma — have been developed through clinical research. Clinical trials often lead to new interventions becoming available that help people to live longer and to have less pain or disability.

Clinical trials can also help to improve health care services by raising standards of treatment. Doctors and hospital staff involved in clinical trials are continually trained to provide best practice patient care. Australian clinical trials are recognised internationally for including very high quality patient care. See more information here:

A complete list of all medical oncology clinical trials at Chris O`Brien Lifehouse can be found on the ClinTrial Refer Oncology NSW app, which can be downloaded for free.

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