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5 August 2016

You  may have seen reports in the media about building products used in the construction of many buildings, including Lifehouse. This relates to one specific supplier of building materials from China. (Yuanda)

Yuanda have confirmed that “the materials concerned in other incidents were not used in the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse”.

We have been assured by the builder, Brookfield Multiplex, that all material used in the construction of Lifehouse meets Australian safety standards.

To satisfy ourselves and our staff and patients, independent testing of this cladding is underway.



Independent testing has been completed at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and no asbestos has been detected.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse strives to deliver the best cancer care, as a not-for-profit, independent comprehensive cancer centre specialising in state of-the-art advanced cancer care, and rare and complex cases.

Using the latest technology in a modern, purpose-built cancer hospital, our highly experienced clinicians treat more than 40,000 public and private patients every year – concentrating all their efforts, learning, research and expertise into cancer care alone.

We use a multidisciplinary approach to treatment where teams comprising surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, allied health professionals and researchers provide peer-reviewed, tailored, individualised treatment to patients.

Lifehouse is also New South Wales’ and one of Australia’s biggest cancer clinical trials centres, with more than 140 research projects and clinical trials giving our patients access to the world’s newest cancer breakthroughs.

International research has confirmed this specialised, cancer-only approach at comprehensive cancer centres in the United States and Europe, has resulted in outcomes that are 5 to 15 per cent better for patients after five years.

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