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With the worldwide movement ‘Mindful in May’ inspiring people around the globe to explore the benefits of mindfulness, we’re excited to announce our own ground-breaking Mindfulness research study and free course at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Mindfulness is an easy to learn practice that teaches us how to disentangle from the distresses that can come with cancer and treatment. One of the most widely researched ways to improve our own wellbeing, Mindfulness is shown to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and to alleviate pain. At Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, you learn Mindfulness alongside your existing treatments, and Mindfulness empowers you to care for yourself as you work through the challenges that can arise with cancer – including fear, sleeplessness, and relationship difficulties.

It’s Simple

We’ve all had moments when our mind is clear, happy, and fully present. In our classes we simply train our ability to increase the number of those moments, even when things are difficult.  You start your mindfulness journey by learning how to pay attention to your breath and physical sensations. Paying attention in the moment with a kind-hearted attitude through the ups and the downs helps us change our relationship to difficult experiences.

Our Upcoming Free Course and Research Study

Researchers at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse are recruiting participants for a study to investigate if a 7-week online Mindfulness program is feasible and potentially helpful for improving symptoms, coping and empowerment in people diagnosed with cancer.

This program is aimed at helping patients deal with the stress of living with cancer and learning tools to build more resilience.

This Free Course is available to anyone with an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or phone with a browser. So if you’re keen to come home to a mind that is clear and calm, with the support of highly experienced teachers, we look forward to hearing from you.

Learn more about mindfulness at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse here.

Learn more about the research study and enrol in the free course here.

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