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You may not have heard of biosimilar medicinal products, but if you’re a patient or a loved one of someone undergoing treatment here at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, they could be very important during your cancer journey.

Think about the generic vs brand name debate. When you go to the chemist and you’ve got a headache, do you reach straight for the Panadol or Nurofen? Do you ever consider getting the generic brand option? Some people don’t, as they know and trust the reputation of brand name products, even when it comes to medicine. But generic brands are just as effective and potent when it comes to treating patients, and they’re often cheaper too.

Biosimilars are not generic drugs, but they are comparable. Biosimilar products are made in/with living cells, which means they won’t be an exact copy of biologic products and drugs, as that is impossible to replicate. But the therapeutic effect on patients is the same and they are far less costly to produce, which is great news for patients.

Here at Lifehouse, we support the use of biosimilar medications. They play an important part in fostering a healthy competitive pharmaceutical market which results in lower costs for subsidising medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Biosimilars present an opportunity to ensure the sustainability of the PBS and support the ongoing listing of newer and more expensive drugs that are helping to create breakthroughs in cancer treatments.

Watch the video below to find out why biosimilars medicines are safe for use and how they can benefit you:

You can read more about biosimilars from the Department of Health, here.

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