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In November 2018, Adrian Connon-McDonald will be taking on the TCS New York Marathon while raising vital funds for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – it’s a first for Adrian and a first for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

“I am taking up this challenge to pay homage to two people who were very dear in my life who have retired from their battle with cancer. In 2015 I lost my cousin to bowel cancer after he fought the disease for two years. The second and most important person in my life was my wife Crisy.

“In 2012 we were blessed with the birth of our miracle son Blake. We were always told that we couldn’t have kids so his arrival was a blessing. Later that year Crisy was having pains in her stomach.

“Finally, it was revealed that she had stage 3 ovarian cancer. Crisy immediately underwent treatment. This went on for six months. When it was over, we thought the cancer was gone. Sadly, it was just hiding and, before long, it came back again. Over the next four years, I saw my wife fight like no other. But the cancer just kept mutating and getting stronger with every treatment.

“In August 2016 Crisy retired from her battle – I don’t say she lost her battle with cancer as she never, ever stopped fighting.

“After her first treatment, tests revealed that Crisy had the BRCA gene. She had inherited this from her mother who also passed away from cancer. We found out then that there is an extremely high chance that our son Blake will also have the BRCA gene.

“I have never been to New York before. In 2015 I actually told Crisy that I would like to do the NYC marathon one day. I see this opportunity as her giving me something she wanted me to do back then but wasn’t able to. To represent Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in my first ever marathon in my first ever trip to New York is a double tick on my bucket list.

“This is also for Blake, in case we need to take this journey together again.”

Find out how you can join Adrian and run with Team Lifehouse by contacting Sara Walker at

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