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To be admitted to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, speak to your GP or go to your local hospital emergency department. Existing patients in need of quick admission or readmission can choose to use My Emergency Dr. This is an app for after-hours referrals when hospital emergency departments are too busy.

My Emergency Dr is available at a discounted rate of $140 per call for current patients of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

For instructions on how to download the app, click here. Or you can watch the video.

What is My Emergency Dr?

My Emergency Dr is an app that allows you to have a video consultation with a specialist emergency doctor within minutes, 24/7, from wherever you are in Australia. There is no need for an appointment or to spend hours in the hospital waiting room.

The doctors are experts in making rapid, accurate assessments of all medical emergencies. They assess your situation via the built-in video on your smartphone or tablet.

Why should I use It?

My Emergency Dr removes the need to wait long hours for an assessment at the emergency department and also means you avoid the cost and inconvenience of travel and parking. With this service you are guaranteed to see an expert in emergency care, every time you call.

The doctors are experts in their field. They can write prescriptions, order X-rays and pathology tests, refer patients to other specialists, or send them straight to the emergency department when needed. The doctors are Fellows of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, or FACEMs and are the most senior doctors working in hospital emergency departments.

Available 24/7

You can rely on My Emergency Dr for peace of mind no matter where you or your family are, whether that is at home, on holiday or playing sport at the weekend. Every assessment is completed with a follow-up letter which you can take to your GP.

Additional information

My Emergency Dr is not intended to replace your GP as your primary healthcare provider. The doctors are available at times when your GP can’t be. The service is a telehealth one only and does not involve home visits or in-person consultations. The service is available to treat people in Australia and S8 medications are not prescribed.

Troubleshooting – iPhone App

The iPhone app was updated in June 2018 to improve the connection and features. Previous versions of the app will no longer work. If you are having trouble with an old version, visit the App Store and update to the newest one.

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