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Our vision is to transform cancer treatment for Australians with cancer through an environment thriving on research, discovery and uncompromising care. These values and the needs of our patients guide our executive teams. They lead the strategic direction of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and are committed to honest, principled leadership and communication.

Click on the profiles below to get to know our Board of Directors, Heads of Department and members of the Partnership Advisory Council.

Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors, who oversee and set the strategic direction of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Heads of Department

Meet our Heads of Department, who play a crucial role in supporting all staff and enforcing departmental standards. They provide guidance and unparallled expertise and experience in their respective fields.

Partnership Advisory Council

Meet the members of our partnership advisory council.

The voice of the patient has always been at the heart of the design and development of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. From the outset, making the cancer journey as easy as possible for patients has always been top of mind. From 2010, we engaged with a consumer group made up of patients, family members and carers, to help inform the Lifehouse’s initial design features and our model of care.

The Lifehouse Partnership Advisory Council was formed in September 2013, following a formal application process, and is made up of cancer survivors, carers and consumers. The council informs the development of Lifehouse policies, procedures and communication approaches that impact on the patient experience, and represents the patient voice in Lifehouse governance committees.

To contact the Partnership Advisory Council, please email PartnershipCouncil@lh.org.au, and click here for more information if you are interested in becoming a member.

  • Jane Cockburn Co-Chair

    Jane is a consumer with personal experiences relating to various areas, most recently as a patient at Lifehouse…

  • Claude Gauchat Co-Chair

    Claude has extensive international business and board experience, with specialist skills in strategic planning…

  • Shirley Baxter

    Shirley was previously the elected Chair of the Partnership Advisory Council and has been a member since 2013…

  • Raymond Chan

    Raymond has a background in engineering and has extensive project management experience with Sydney International…

  • Brian Dalton

    Brian has more than 30 years experience in business development, marketing and communications in the…

  • Suzanne Floro

    Suzanne is a cancer survivor with extensive experience in leadership, with a specific interest…

  • Maryanne Gauchat

    Maryanne began her career in the early 70s as an occupational therapist for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital…

  • Polly Kolotas

    Polly is an experienced Financial Services senior Director, with over 25 years of experience in the global…

  • Beverley Noble

    As a breast cancer survivor for over 13 years, Beverley is passionate about cancer and palliative care advocacy…

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