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This month, 12-year-old Lachlan McIntrye plans to be brave and take on the world record for the most consecutive pogo stick jumps with no hands.

What makes him think he can beat it?

The current record of 6,100 times was set by Lachlan himself just 12 months ago!

Lachlan admits that setting world records for pogoing hasn’t been easy. Given a pogo stick as a gift at the age of seven by his grandmother, Lachlan had to put in a lot of hours of practice reach this phenomenal achievement.

“The day I got it I spent two hours out the back of my house, getting on, and promptly falling back off. The same thing happened on the second day. But as I kept practising, I gradually improved, until I was pogoing to school everyday!” says Lachlan.

What’s more amazing than taking on his own world record? He’s doing it all to raise money for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

 “Last year when I broke the record, my friend Siobhan kindly volunteered to be one of the judges. About 2 months ago, Siobhan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and is currently being treated at Lifehouse. I wanted to support the valued work that Chris O’Brien Lifehouse does.”

When asked if he’s confident in surpassing his own world record, Lachlan doesn’t flinch – “I am fairly confident that I can beat my own record, as I have done so a few times in practise. However I will only have one opportunity on the day, so one mistake and that could be it!”

But for him the importance of the event is what he can do for patients at Lifehouse, during this particularly difficult time. “I know this year has been difficult for everyone, but it has been especially difficult for others. If you have anything to spare at all, please help me to raise funds for this worthy cause.”

We’re super stoked to have Lachlan go above and beyond to raise funds for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and couldn’t be more grateful for the support he and his friends and family are providing patients. Take a look at his page!

Do you have a way to challenge yourself? Join Lachlan and Be Brave Your Way this November to raise vital funds for patients and their families at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

 For more information contact Sara Walker on Sara.Walker@lh.org.au or (02) 8514 0300 or register at https://bebrave.mylifehouse.org.au/ 

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