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We’ve got some wonderful activities planned in this year’s Arterie program and we’re thrilled to see the return of the Arterists and Carterists in their orange aprons.

Arterie is an innovative inter-disciplinary model of art in healthcare practice, specifically designed to ease the side effects of cancer and its treatment for patients, families, carers and staff.

Every month, starting at the end of February, we will welcome a talented, new artist-in-residence to the foyer. We encourage you to stop and chat as you observe the artist at work.

Beginning in March, we will run a series of workshops inspired by Australian artists in a range of media including ceramics, assemblage, painting and sculpture. We’ve chosen a really diverse group of Australia’s greats to inspire us, including John Olsen and Rosalie Gascoigne.

February Artist in Residence Ro Geddes

We’re delighted to have Ro Geddes in the foyer all week until 26 February. Make sure you stop and ask him questions or simply observe the artist at work.

Ro graduated from the University of Sydney in civil engineering and finance and you can see the influence of his academic background in the accurate and precise realism of his large-scale charcoal works.

“Hospitals are stressful and I hope to provide an outlet and distraction for the Lifehouse community through the observation of my drawing practice,” said Ro on his residency.

Patients and visitors will be able to see Ro’s artistic practice and processes while he creates his remarkably detailed and realistic works.

Currently practicing in studio spaces in Waterloo, Ro Geddes has a very impressive repertoire. Among his many noteworthy achievements, he was selected for ‘The Other Art Fair’ Sydney Exhibitions in 2017 and 2018, participated in a three-artist exhibition The Way I See it, and was a finalist in the Queen Street Art Prize in Woollahra in 2020.

Learn more about Ro Geddes and his practice at his website, http://www.rogeddes.com.

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