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A message from Spiritual Care Coordinator, Rev Christine Garforth

This time of year hosts holy observances in many faith traditions; Passover, honouring freedom and faith, the holy week of Easter being a time of deep reflection, and a time to celebrate new beginnings. Ramadan begins shortly, allowing time to honour the sacredness in our lives through fasting and prayer. Each tradition acknowledges our common human needs; those of nourishment of body and mind, love and connectedness, and freedom.

Passover begins with a meal including the sacred Seder plate. This plate of assorted food represents the abundance, wholeness, bitterness and sweetness of life and offers the invitation to be grateful for each of these elements in our lives.

Living with cancer forces us to taste some of life’s bitterness, as can the (everchanging) COVID-19 environment and/or circumstances beyond our control.

Each of these observances invites us to balance uncertainties with hope and connectness. Our Lifehouse family is in this together, walking each other through. If you need extra support during this time, please reach out and let us know.

Regardless of faith traditions or none, please know you are being held with love and the wish that you feel supported and connected in these times.

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