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I recently heard of a man who, every Christmas, writes a long letter to his wife, reviewing the events of the year and dreaming about the future. He always tells her how much he loves her, and why. He also writes a letter to each of his daughters. His words of love make an unforgettable Christmas gift.

On the very first Christmas, love was shown to us, by God, in an incredible way, with an incredible gift – Jesus! And since then, Christmas has been a time to express love, gratitude, hope, joy, and peace, in whatever way we can.

This Christmas I would encourage you to not only think of the love that you have for others, but to express that love to them.  Whether you write them a letter, or a note, or tell them face-to-face, or over the phone, or via a text message or on social media. And then take the time to thank them for their love to you.

Whatever Christmas means to you, and however you celebrate it, speak out your love to others. What an incredible gift that would be, particularly to a loved one who is travelling a difficult journey at present.

And you know what?  Spreading the unconditional love of Christmas is contagious! Others can catch it off you! So, what are you waiting for? Tell someone you love them, and why.

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