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A Lasting Legacy

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Jennie came to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to receive treatment for ovarian cancer. In return, she left a legacy that will help thousands of women diagnosed with the same condition.

Jennie was a highly skilled lace-maker and quickly found joy and benefit in our art therapy program.

Here, she could forget about her cancer treatment, be distracted from side effects and, most importantly, spend time her friends and pass on her knowledge and expertise to others. She became a regular mentor and would often be found teaching novice knitters the perfect garter stitch.

During her time with us, Jennie experienced first-hand the benefits of a holistic and patient centred approach to treating cancer. She benefitted from having a variety of treatments and therapies, experts and carers, all under one roof. She understood how important this was, not just to patients, but to their friends and family as well.

Funding Research To Treat Cancer

Sadly, Jennie passed away in 2018. In her final months, she decided that she wanted to help other women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So, she left a gift in her Will to support gynaecological cancer research at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Jennie’s gift helped fund Dr. Farrell’s research into HIPEC that saved Ivana’s life and will continue to improve the lives of other women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

As an oncologist and surgeon, Dr. Farrell supports and treats women with gynaecological cancer at every stage of their disease, from diagnosis to surgery and beyond.

“I’m honoured by Jennie’s incredibly generous gift towards ovarian cancer research,” says Dr. Farrell. “Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a recognised state centre for clinical trials in gynaecological cancer. Jennie’s gift will allow us to carry out research that will inform and transform the way we treat this aggressive cancer, and give hope to many women.”

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