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Below is a letter written by Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Patient Liaison, Lorainne, to our phenomenal community fundraiser, Xavier, about his impact on Christmas Day.


Hi Xav,

I was thrilled when I was told that you had so kindly donated lip balms for all our patients who were in hospital  for Christmas Day.

I’m pretty sure every patient would have preferred to be at home so we do what we can to give them the best day possible.

We put on a lunch for them and their families and make it as cheerful as possible.

Your gift and thoughtfulness to do this, made it an even more special day for the patients.

We packed the lipbalms into a Christmas basket and when patients came down for lunch, we told them about you and your amazing fundraising and how you wanted to give them a gift on Christmas Day and gave them out to patients,  and after lunch a volunteer and I went round to all the patients who couldn’t get down for lunch to give them out. The smiles on their faces when we told them about you and your gift were so beautiful.

Every patient and family we spoke to just got a huge smile on their face, and asked us to thank you for your kindness and they were amazed at what you have done with the lip balms and soap. They think you are a star. And so do we.

Here’s three of the patients at lunch time with their lip balms.

As we gave them out and explained your story, they were saying what a remarkable and amazing young man you are.  We’re very proud to know you and to have you as part of our community, and your gift was not only a delight on Christmas Day, patients are still talking about what you did.

Thank you Xav, we think you’re amazing. Thank you for making Christmas special for so many people.

I look forward to seeing you soon and hope your Christmas holiday has been a good one.

Warmest regards,



Christmas in the House was a fabulous success in 2019 – with an array of musicians and choirs, donated gifts and a beautiful Christmas lunch, we were able to bring as much joy as possible to those who weren’t able to be in their own home over that period.

We would love to thank all of those involved for their incredible kindness and generosity in making this a Christmas to remember for patients and their families.

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