A gift in memory is a thoughtful way to remember your loved one and support the work of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in transforming cancer treatment and care in Australia.

How to organise donations in lieu of flowers:

You can either ask your funeral director to get in contact with us, or you can contact our Major Giving Officer, Stacy Barnard, who will assist you with everything you need to know.

Once we are advised of your wish to request donations in lieu of flowers in memory of a loved one, we will ensure that our In Memoriam donation envelopes are provided on the day of the funeral. These envelopes have a detachable slip for family and friends to provide their details and donation amount. Once they have completed the slip, they can place it into the sealable envelope along with their donation for safe keeping.

Once the envelopes have been returned to us, we will process the donations.

Please be advised that all donations over $2 are Tax Deductible and we will send a receipt to everyone who has provided their details.

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We will send out an acknowledgement letter to the family, advising the total amount of donations given, as well as the names of everyone who has donated.

*Please may we request that there is a Next of Kin name and address provided so that we may send out an acknowledgement letter.

For information on In Memoriam donations at funerals contact Stacy Barnard, Major Giving Officer, tel: (02) 8514 0621 email: Stacy.Barnard@lh.org.au

Thank you for choosing to honour the memory of your loved one by supporting Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Named Memorial Fund

As well as making a gift in lieu of flowers, some people choose to establish a Named Memorial Fund in memory of their family member, friend or colleague knowing the fund will help support specific cancer research or specialist staff at Lifehouse.

The Simon Kerr Fellowship was named for a young barrister and new father who died aged 39 from melanoma. Established in 2012 three consecutive Fellowships have been funded to date with success in breakthroughs in melanoma treatment being attributed to this valuable resource.

The Anne Marie Griffin In Memory Fund was established to honour the memory of Anne Marie Griffin, a dedicated chemotherapy nurse who recognised the benefits of ongoing education for cancer care nurses. The fund enables clinical care nurses to receive ongoing training and professional development.

The Neal Wald Memorial Research Fellowship is a lasting legacy from the Wald Family that honours their father’s memory and supports the research of head and neck cancer specialist Associate Professor Jonathan Clark. As A/Professor Clark says, ”Research funding is what facilitates improvements in cancer care. It’s ultimately what helps save lives.”

For information on establishing a Memorial Fund contact Alison Muir, Strategic Gifts Manager, tel: (02) 8514 0356 email: Alison.Muir@lh.org.au

For information on In Memoriam donations at funerals contact Stacy Barnard, Strategic Gifts Officer, tel: (02) 8514 0621 email: Stacy.Barnard@lh.org.au