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As a not-for-profit hospital treating public and private patients, we appreciate your support. There are many ways you can help us achieve our vision to transform cancer treatment for Australians.

Meet Catherine. Doctor and cancer patient.

It was on a sunny summer afternoon, waiting in the supermarket checkout line that Catherine Davis felt an uncontrolled twitch in her ring finger and little finger. She knew, only because she was a doctor herself, that the cause was likely something wrong in her brain.

Cancer changes plans. It alters futures. Your generous gift can help keep families together at Christmas time and help us achieve a future free from cancer.

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Bequests – Your Will, Our Future

Your Will is your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. While your Will thoughtfully bequeaths your estate to the people you love, your Will can also benefit people you may never even meet – people such as researchers, patients, medical and surgical teams. Read more >

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse volunteers work side-by-side with staff to deliver uncompromising care to our patients and their families.

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