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Dr Judith Lacey

Supportive Care and Integrative Oncology Specialist

Living with cancer and the side effects of its treatment is often associated with symptoms that can impact on how you feel. Irrespective of the stage of disease, a Supportive and Integrative Oncology Specialist can assist in improving one’s quality of life and sense of wellbeing. This includes addressing symptoms including pain, fatigue, weight change, de-conditioning, nausea, loss of appetite, breathlessness, symptoms related to chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy, as well as psychosocial, emotional and spiritual concerns. Part of this process is recognising and assessing the potential benefits of integrative therapies available in the LivingRoom.

Dr Judith Lacey

Dr Lacey is the Lifehouse Supportive Care and Integrative Oncology Specialist, and is based in the LivingRoom. Whilst communicating and working closely with oncologists, surgeons and other referring doctors, Dr Lacey provides holistic medical consultations to assist in facilitating the development of the best approach to maintaining wellness and wellbeing for people living with a cancer diagnosis.

Dr Lacey and the Integrative and Supportive Care team are currently in the process of developing multidisciplinary/multimodal integrative oncology and supportive care patient care programs and research projects at Lifehouse to further improve the wellbeing of cancer patients.

Dr Lacey has been working as a doctor for over 25 years. For the majority of this time she has worked predominantly with people living with and affected by cancer. Her area of interest is in Whole Person Care: integrating holistic care for people and their families living with cancer that affects their physical and emotional wellbeing. She has extensive experience in managing cancer pain syndromes, radiotherapy related symptoms and gastrointestinal and nutritional effects of cancers and their treatments, including post surgical long-term difficulties. She has an interested in working with patients to achieve their best possible quality of life. She has a good understanding of cancer therapies and oncological concerns particularly regarding herbs and supplements and is interested in reviewing this openly with her patients. Dr Lacey is interested in researching the potential benefits of integrating complementary therapies into a comprehensive cancer care program.

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