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The LivingRoom provides the best possible support by offering integrative medicine as part of the overall package of cancer care and by guiding patients towards treatments with evidence-based benefits, overseen by practitioners with specific experience in treating cancer patients.

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Supportive Care

Ward/Inpatient services

Lifehouse offers a variety of services that can improve patient wellbeing in both the LivingRoom (ground floor) and on the wards as an inpatient. Read more >

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is a customised online application that provides specifically tailored information and support to patients at Lifehouse. Read more >

LivingRoom@home Telehealth programme

LivingRoom@Home seeks to address the health service inequalities faced by rural, regional and remote cancer patients through delivering support to you in your own home. Read more >

Judith Lacey-7713

Supportive Care and Integrative Oncology Specialist

Living with cancer and the side effects of its treatment is often associated with symptoms that can impact on how you feel. A Supportive and Integrative Oncology Specialist can assist in improving one’s quality of life and sense of wellbeing. This includes addressing symptoms including pain, fatigue, weight change, de-conditioning, nausea, loss of appetite, breathlessness, symptoms related to chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy, as well as psychosocial, emotional and spiritual concerns.

Post blood and marrow transplant

Post blood and marrow transplant (BMT), a combination of physical changes, medication, bed rest and sleep problems can lead to a sense of fatigue, loss of strength and reduced quality of life.

To help manage such issues the ‘Living Well BMT Rehabilitation Program’ is now being offered at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. The program will run four times per year for eight sessions over eight weeks, with before and after assessments to track your progress.


Workshop schedule

We have an extensive range of paid and free workshops on offer to suit your needs and skill level. Find one that works for you today.


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