What is physiotherapy?

Many people experience a number of physical difficulties, such as problems with strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination due to cancer or treatment for cancer. Physiotherapists work with people to optimise their function and mobility, and promote independence and quality of life.

Lifehouse physiotherapists offer services to inpatients including:

  • Providing walking aids to allow for more independent mobility
  • Prescribing strengthening, balance and stretching exercises
  • Early mobilisation and prevention of complications after surgery
  • Education on falls prevention
  • Providing exercises and strategies to promote optimal respiratory function


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Who is my physiotherapist?

Leah Steele

Leah Steele is a physiotherapist at Lifehouse. She began her career as a Rotational Physiotherapist at Redcliffe Hospital after completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons 1A). She was attracted to Lifehouse by its holistic ethos and the unique opportunity to work in a young and growing hospital.

Leah helps inpatients who have difficulties with breathing or movement, with the aim of getting them home quickly and safely. She views her role as one of education and empowerment – giving people the knowledge they need to regain and maintain their quality of life and physical function.

Prior to joining Lifehouse, Leah volunteered at a hospital in Kenya, worked for a VIP in Saudi Arabia and was a Senior Physiotherapist at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

She is inspired by patients, particularly older patients with a strong drive to keep their independence.

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