Board of directors - Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Meet our Board of Directors, who oversee and set the strategic direction of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

  • Doug Snedden Chairman of the Board

    Doug Snedden has extensive experience in the corporate sector, having been at the helm of global outsourcing and corporate strategy group Accenture (previously named Andersen Consulting). He was appointed to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse board as Chairman in February 2014.

  • Eileen Hannagan Chief Executive Officer

    With 30 years’ experience in health care as a nurse, manager, and senior executive, Eileen Hannagan was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in February 2014. Eileen has studied commerce and health administration, and holds a Masters in Business.

  • Professor Michael Boyer AM Chief Clinical Officer

    Phone: (02) 8514 0140

  • David Brettell Board Member

    David Brettell joined the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse board in October 2014 following eleven years as CEO of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. David has held high level management roles with AMP, ACRF and MS Australia, among other positions.

  • Professor Diana Horvath AO Board Member

    Professor Diana Horvath brings a distinguished record of more than 40 years of management and administrative experience with a range of key medical organisations to her role at Lifehouse.

  • Gail O’Brien AO Patient Advocate

    As the wife of the late Professor Chris O’Brien (AO), Gail has played an instrumental role in supporting her husband’s vision for a world-class, comprehensive cancer facility in Australia. Gail joined the Lifehouse board soon after Chris’ passing in 2009.

  • Ian Hammond Chairman of the Finance Committee

    Ian Hammond brings considerable finance expertise to his role at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, with more than 35 years’ experience in the accounting and finance profession. Ian joined the Lifehouse Board in 2015.

  • Max Moore-Wilton AC Board Member

    Max Moore-Wilton is one of the most prominent names in Australia’s corporate landscape, with a career that includes key roles within the highest levels of the private and public service sector. He was appointed to the Lifehouse Board in 2007.

  • Rebecca Davies Board Member

    Rebecca Davies was a long term partner and board member of Freehills, one of Australia’s top law firms, and has been regularly named as one of the country’s best lawyers in peer reviewed guides.

  • Robert McMillan OAM Board Member

    Robert McMillan lends substantial commercial experience to his role at Lifehouse and is widely regarded for his ability to identify business trends and developments across broad corporate sectors of print and related industries.

  • Assoc Prof Brian McCaughan AM Board Member

    A/Prof Brian McCaughan is a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon with a commitment to the management of thoracic malignancies. He is Chairman of the Clinical Excellence Commission and the Agency for Clinical Innovation, and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

  • Dr Briony Scott Board Member

    Dr Briony Scott is an Australian educator and columnist, and the principal at Wenona School in North Sydney. Dr Scott has a Masters and Doctorate in Education from the University of Sydney.

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